Strip & Wax Floor

Hard Floor Care

Have your floor lost its shine? Have scuff marks and wheel marks from a desk chair ruined the appearance of your facility’s floors? Your business floors get constant foot traffic that comes along with unwanted dirt tracked in from outside. Layne Cleaning Services will fight this endless battle for you and clean those dirty paths! We will remove the built-up dirt from the high traffic areas and clean the less worn areas. Since floor materials vary and require different floor cleaning solutions.
Layne Cleaning Services knows the best methods and cleaning solutions for each floor type. Allow us to be your one-stop resource for washing floors. Give us a call at 201-341-4018
 and our floor cleaner will work wonders on your floors!

Hard Floor Cleaning Program

+1 201-341-4018

Marble, and Stone Restoration and Maintenance

At Layne Cleaning Services, we understand that your business is more than just a place to work; it’s an investment, an expression of who you are. You’ve paid special attention to every detail in your place of business, and you want it to look its best at all times. At Layne Cleaning Services, we understand your needs. No matter where you are, you get unparalleled attention to detail, the finest techniques and products, and fast, friendly service to protect your investment and bring out the full beauty of your natural stone, concrete, and tile surfaces. Regardless of your busy schedule, the convenience and flexibility of Layne Cleaning Services provide you with the professional stone and tile detailing or decorative concrete your property deserves.
Layne Cleaning Services is your premier resource for all of your floor restoration and maintenance care needs. When it comes to restoring the fresh look of your floors, whether natural stone, concrete, ceramic tile, and other hard floor coverings, allow Layne Cleaning Services to return that original beauty while enhancing your investment. We will restore or refinish any type of tile and natural stone, whether it is marble, granite, travertine, slate, ceramic tile, limestone, or terrazzo, to its original beauty and luster. Call today! 201-341-4018

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