Malls and Theaters

Malls and Theaters

Layne Cleaning Services is well experienced in Cleaning and maintaining large buildings with high public use. We have knowledge and resources to maintain these buildings 24 hours per day – 7 days per week. We understand the unique Cleaning and safety requirements in these environments, and the important role that day porters play in keeping buildings clean and safe throughout the day. At some of the malls we maintain, we not only care for the interior, but we maintain the large parking lots and landscape areas as well. With all the expertise we have attained, we know what cleaning program needs to be implemented to make your building appealing and inviting to the people that visit it.

Our Malls and Entertainment Theaters Program

Our Malls and Entertainment Theaters Program cleaning services are designed to handle all of our clients’ needs seamlessly fitting within their schedules. Our professional staff is available for routine and periodic Cleaning before, during, or after business hours. In addition, all of our cleaning services are available on a one-time basis for special events or for seasonal demand. We know that Cleaning can’t get in the way of operations so we always work around our clients’ schedules.

We operate in retail centers, business centers, and all commercial complexes. Our wide range of shopping center cleaning services can include:

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive cleaning services and creating safe, clean, and inviting spaces for shoppers and employees alike. No matter the size, type of business, or configuration of our clients’ shopping center, we have cleaning services to meet our customers’ needs.
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