school cleaning service

Schools and Universities Cleaning

Maintaining colleges and private schools is something we are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. Our portfolio of the educational facilities we maintain is impressive. We understand the unique requirements and high demands of cleaning schools because of the importance of disinfecting and providing a healthy and safe place for children to learn.

Our technicians are highly trained, and we have the resources to service schools at the highest level to attract and retain the best faculty and student body. We know the cleaning procedures and work routines needed to give you the results you want, and the importance of using green/environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We have the expertise required to clean the offices, dining facilities, recreation centers, locker rooms, academic buildings, and dormitories. We have the protocol in place and the disinfectants needed to completely clean a school or area of the school in the event of an outbreak of any infectious disease.

Our Schools and Universities Program

Our School and Universities cleaning services are designed to remove and control the growth of harmful microorganisms and the spread of infection and disease. Here is just a small sample of the wide range of our school cleaning services that we have available for our clients:

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