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Glass Shower Like A Pro

How to clean a Glass Shower like a Pro

How to Clean a Glass Shower Like A Pro

Have you ever stepped into someone else’s shower and been completely awestruck by how sparkling clean it is? It almost feels like you could lean in and take a refreshing drink from the crystal-clear water running from the immaculate showerhead. How do they do it, you wonder? Well, I’m here to let you in on the secret to achieving that same level of cleanliness in your own glass shower. 

First things first, gather your tools: 

  1. A high-quality glass cleaner; I always use Bar Keepers Friend; this product works in almost every part of the house. It’s my favorite product for deep cleaning or any type of cleaning. 
  2. A squeegee; it’s optional
  3. A non-scratching sponge; my favorite is Magic Eraser,
  4. A microfiber cloth,
  5. and some white vinegar.

Now, let’s get started. 

Step-by-step a Professional Cleaner Use to clean Glass Shower Like A Pro

Start by removing any built-up soap scum and grime on the glass with the bar keeper friend. Wet the sponge a little bit with warm water, put a little bar keeper friend and soft scrubbing. Be sure to be gentle with the glass to avoid any scratching. After you scrub the glass door, wash with hot water. Once you’ve scrubbed away the worst of the build-up, it’s time to break out the glass cleaner.  

Spray your chosen glass cleaner liberally over the entire surface of the glass and leave it to work its magic for a few minutes. I like to use water with vinegar (you can mix half water and half vinegar) or water and dish soap (I use 32oz of hot water with one tbs of dish soap, I like to use Down).

This will help to break down any remaining grime and make it easier to remove. Next, take your squeegee and, starting from the top of the glass, pull it down and across in a smooth, continuous motion. Be sure to wipe the blade of the squeegee on a clean, dry cloth between each stroke to avoid streaks. 

Once you’ve squeezed the entire surface, take your microfiber cloth, and wipe down any remaining water droplets and streaks. Microfiber cloths are excellent for this job as they are highly absorbent and will leave your shower pane sparkling clean. 

If you’re dealing with particularly stubborn water spots and build-up, you can use a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water to help dissolve and lift the grime. Simply spray the solution onto the affected areas, leave it for a few minutes, and then wipe it away with your microfiber cloth. 

And there you have it – a professionally clean glass shower that is sure to impress anyone who steps foot inside. With a little bit of elbow grease and the right tools, you too can achieve a shower that looks like it was clean professionally.

So go ahead, give it a try and prepare to be amazed at the results

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