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How to clean Hard Water Stains From a Faceut

How to Clean a Faucet with a Product

I received an email from a homeowner asking for a quote for a regular cleaning service for her house. When I did a walkthrough on this house with the homeowner, I noticed that the hard water stain in very heavy in some parts of the house, more specifically in the bathroom’s showers, all the faucets. I will cover the faucet today.

Unfortunately, over time, faucets can develop a build-up of dirt and grime that can affect their performance and appearance. Those faucets have not been cleaned professionally for years, the homeowner tried to clean but the hard water spot, minerals, and soap scum were built up already. After she tried vinegar, dawn, so many other things and nothing seems to work, and she does not have time to scrub faucets around the house, she rather spends doing something different than scrubbing a faucet.

We are glad she finds us! We love to clean, and we love to make our client happy, the before and after pictures prove that with the right product, and the right technique you can have a beautiful and well maintain cleaning faucet.

We’ll cover the supplies you’ll need, the steps to follow, and some useful tips to help you get the job done right. Let’s get started!  

Here is our little secret to cleaning hard water stain buildup

I have been a professional cleaning artist for 10 years. Yes, I called myself an artist because cleaning a house and leaving everything shiny, spotless, so fresh and so clean, and organize it’s a piece of art. 

As a professional cleaner, I always use the barkeeper’s friend to help me with heavy hard water stains. We are a green company, I love DIY cleaning products, and we use a few of them to clean houses regularly but we are a professional cleaning service, and we need to be honest DIY is good, but we need a product that is going to bring professional results.  

What you are going to use to remove the stain of hard water 

1 soft sponge 

Bar Keeper’s Friend cream 

One microfiber towel  

Step-by-step on how to remove the stain of hard water.  

  1. So the process is very easy, you are going to use a soft sponge with the barkeeper’s friend cream, the secret is not to use water, put the cream on a soft sponge and scrub the faucet very gently and you are going to see the hard water buildup vanishing, spot by spot.
  1. after this process rinse the product with hot water.
  1. use a microfiber towel to dry and give extra shine.

After that, if you have hard water still, do it one more time and it should be fine. 

Prevent stains in your faucet with regular cleaning

The best way to prevent the hard water stain is to clean them regularly.  All you need is the right supplies and a few simple steps. Just remember to wear protective gloves and use a soft sponge to avoid damaging the faucet. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to keep your faucet clean and look great for years to come.

However, not everybody has the time to clean their house so detailed.

That’s when our beautiful work begins. 

Two Janitor Cleaning The Desk And Mopping Floor In The Office
Two Janitor Cleaning The Desk And Mopping Floor In The Office

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